Housing Development to Boost Employment in Teesside - PORT Homes

A new building project in Hartlepool, spearheaded by two brothers, has been hailed a huge sucess – with 95% of properties sold two years ahead of schedule.

St Teresa’s Close, developed by Port Homes, is a beautiful residential project featuring 20 quality homes.

Founded in 2017 by brothers Christopher and Daniel Port, Port Homes has developed a range of modern three-bedroomed properties in the development and believe a key factor if its popularity has been the company’s ‘Hartlepool first’ ethos of using as much local labour as possible.

Daniel, Director of Port Homes, said: “When you look at the impact of using local services, you can create and maintain a vast amount of work in Hartlepool through onsite jobs and our supply chain.

“Being from Hartlepool, we wanted to build something of great quality and value for people in the town and we’re thrilled our properties have been recognised for that.”

Initially, Chris and Daniel had planned to have completed and sold all properties in the development within four years, but the popularity of the homes meant that within two years only one bungalow is left remaining.

Daniel continued: “Port Homes is not only a house builder, we’re very customer-focused and consider the customer at the heart of every decision we make, that’s why we feel this development has been so popular.”

Mark Hockett, a resident of St Teresa’s Close, said: “Christopher and Daniel are great because they’re two local brothers just starting out and with a clear passion for high standards.

“They provide a great, friendly service throughout the whole process and have brought something new to the Rossmere area. I can’t wait to see what else they bring to Hartlepool in the future.”

Port Homes has recently started work on its next development, with plans to build 55 new homes in the town that will all be available on Help to Buy schemes.

The company is seeking to expand its workforce and tapping into the local talent base once again.

Source: Ashleigh Smith, We Are UMI