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Lifelong Luxury Developments

Port Homes originated in Hartlepool and with ties to Port Ventures, has been in the housing game since 2011. Port Ventures’ first homes were typically single renovation projects. However, through carefully planned steps, Port Ventures has laid the foundations to develop Port Homes in to a portfolio which reflects the aspirations of a much broader range of home buyers through medium scale developments.

Since our renovation days, our vision has always remained the same, which is to deliver a creative and quality home to those that matter, our customers. This is achieved through carefully chosen developments and a dedication to customer satisfaction. Firstly as a responsible housebuilder, our sites are always in well-connected areas, meaning you will always find local amenities, schools and medical centres nearby, ensuring you can rest easy knowing you will be buying a home in a community you will be proud to call home. Secondly, each of our houses are designed to balance the need for high quality living, with the demands of a modern lifestyle. This is achieved through our expert design team, who concentrate on delivering quality through space saving techniques and using the latest innovations to support your home being eco-friendly. Together, this results in outstanding quality homes.

We understand how important a decision buying a home is, so we are here to support you through every step of the process to turn your dreams into a reality. We operate with the highest ethical standards and provide a service with upmost openness and honesty, an approach that has allowed us to develop excellent customer relations.

We can’t wait for you to visit our nearest show home!

Consumer Code


The Consumer Code for New Homes has been established to ensure that best practice is followed in respect of the marketing, selling and purchasing of New Homes and to set expected standards for after sales customer care service.

The Code establishes mandatory requirements that apply to all Developers registered with the Code.

Consumer Code for New Homes Ltd is the Code Sponsor, the body which manages the implementation and effectiveness of the Code.

Where a Developer (or their Agent) is found to be in serious breach of the Code, the Code Sponsor can apply a range of sanctions, including removal from the Code’s register of members. This will also result in removal from the registers maintained by the Warranty Bodies.

The Code provides an independent Dispute Resolution Scheme for complaints that arise and are made in writing to the Developer within two years of the date of the Completion of the New Home purchase.

The Code also benefits second and subsequent Buyers of the New Home but only in respect of after sales matters reported within two years of the date of the Completion of the New Home purchase.

Nothing contained within this Code affects a Buyer’s existing legal rights and does not replace any existing legislation regarding the sale and marketing of New Homes to consumers.

Purpose of the Consumer Code for New Homes
The Code ensures that Buyers:

  • Are treated fairly by the Developer (and their Agent)
  • Are confident about the Developer’s legal and professional status as a company
  • Are given clear and reliable information upon which to make decisions about purchasing a New Home
  • Know what standards of construction to expect from the Developer
  • Know what service levels to expect from the Developer (and their Agent)
  • Understand what they have to do to maintain their New Home and address any problems that may arise
  • Know how to access speedy, low-cost Dispute resolution arrangements if they are dissatisfied.
  • In a vulnerable position are identified and given suitable support to help assist them in making decisions.

View Customer Code (PDF) View Certificate (PDF)

Customer Charter

Our Commitment To You Is To…

1. Ensure that our marketing and advertising information is presented in jargon-free language that helps you make informed decisions.

2. Give you a copy of the Charter and the Consumer Code for Home Builders upon reservation of your property. Copies will also be displayed in our sales office and are available to download from our website.

3. Make your cancellation rights clear to you at the point of reservation.

4. Advise you who to contact at every stage of your purchase; from reservation and exchange. To legal completion and throughout the warranty period.

5. Provide you with regular updates on the construction process of your home.

6. Make sure you receive Health and Safety advice when visiting the development and when you move in.

7. Invite you to attend a home demonstration prior to legal completion so that we can show you how to use your new home, appliances, fixtures and fittings to ensure that you are totally familiar with the running of your new home.

8. We will provide documents relating to guarantees.

9. Give you information about the Home Builders’ 10 years structural warranty.

10. Provide you with a helpful and efficient new homes customer care for 2 years after legal completion.

11. Aim to be professional, efficient, competent and helpful.

We want your experience with PORT Homes to be as smooth and stress-free as possible, and hope that the enclosed sets out our commitment to you. However, if you believe we have not acted within the spirit of the Charter, please contact us in writing and send your correspondence to our address below.

When contacting us to make a complaint please provide us with your full contact details and as much information about the complaint as possible. Your complaint will be acknowledged within three working days. Your complaint will be fully investigated and a response will be issued within ten working days.

PORT Homes
314 Hub 2
The Hartlepool Innovation Centre
Venture Court
Queens Meadow Business Park
TS25 5TG

Buying Process

Ready To Start?

Find out more information about how our buying process works by clicking on the buttons opposite.

Our Contact Details

E: sales@porthomes.co.uk
T: 01429 806554


Getting The Right Financial Advice

We recommend that you get in touch with an independent financial advisor, as soon as possible, prior to reserving your new home. We can recommend an impartial independent specialist to find the right mortgage for you. Once you receive a decision in principal, we will be happy to complete and formalise the reservation of your new home. Your Financial Advisor can then complete your mortgage and Help to Buy applications, as required.



Once you have selected your new home and your mortgage is agreed in principal, it is important to act quickly and formalise your reservation. Our Sales Advisor will complete the required reservation paperwork and process a £500 reservation fee. This will then remove your chosen property from the market for sale. Solicitors will be instructed on the understanding that contracts are to be exchanged, within 6 weeks of reservation.


Instructing a solicitor

You will need an independent legal advisor to complete the home buying process on your behalf. Choose carefully to ensure that your purchase proceeds smoothly to an exchange of contracts, within a 6 week period. We can recommend a nominated, trustworthy Solicitor who will act on your behalf.


Reservation Checklist/Meet The Site Manager

An appointment will be arranged within approximately one week of reservation to discuss in detail, the construction and specification of your new home. This is an opportunity to meet our Site Manager and have answered, any questions that you may have.


Options and Choices

Depending upon the stage of construction of your new home, you may be able to personalise it, from our range of available options. Our Sales Advisor will advise you accordingly, of the choices available. There will be cut off points where certain options cannot be carried out, as the construction of your new home will have progressed too far.


Exchange of Contracts

Once your mortgage offer, Help to Buy authorities to proceed (if required) and local searches are received, your Solicitor will invite you to sign your purchase Contracts. Your Solicitors will advise you of any findings from the Contract, searches and subsequent enquiries they may have raised. At this meeting you will be required to transfer to your Solicitors client account, the agreed deposit. Contracts can then be exchanged, this legally binds the sale and purchase of your new home..……its nearly yours!


Build Progress Updates

We will provide you with regular build up-dates and progress. You will be fully informed of the anticipated completion date to enable you to make the necessary arrangements to move. Please do not book removals or give notice on rental accommodation, until a completion date is confirm to you by our Sales Team.


Home Demonstration

Once our Site Manager and Sales Advisor have quality inspected your new home and your legal completion date has been agreed. We will invite you to a home demonstration appointment. This visit gives you the opportunity to view your new home for possibly the first time, where the workings of the same and the our after care processes will be discussed, in detail with you.


Legal Completion and Handover

The big day has arrived… Once we received confirmation from our Solicitors that the balance of the completion monies have been received. We will arrange to meet with yourselves to formally handover the keys to your lovely new Port Home!

Land Acquisition

PORT Homes is always looking for their next development and if a lead into vacant land or land for sale results in a purchase by PORT Homes you maybe eligible for a cash reward. To register a potential new site please fill in the below form and a member of our team will be in touch.


Acquisition Enquiry Form

    Your Name:

    Your Email:

    Your Phone Number:

    Location Of Land/Property:

    Further Information:

    Do you own the property?

    Assisted Move

    About Assisted Move

    Our Assisted Move Scheme can offer you a helping hand, if you have a home to sell.

    Whether you are looking to upsize or downsize, we can take the stress out of selling your existing property.

    You will benefit from:

    • Free, independent valuations of your existing home by two local agents.
    • No Estate Agent fees or advertising costs.
    • Expert help and advice to sell your home from valuation to legal completion.

    How does it work:

    • View our development and find out more about our range of stunning homes available.
    • Choose a house and plot that is perfect for you and our sales team will organise two independent valuations of your existing property and we will agreed a marketing price with you.
    • If you are happy and have been financially qualified, we will request that you pay a £500 deposit to reserve your new home, for six weeks from the date the property is advertised online. The deposit is refundable should your existing property not be sold within the time scale.
    • We will then instruct our chosen estate agents to market your existing property and cover all advertising and estate agents fees*
    • The estate agents have six weeks in which to secure a sale on your home. Our sales team will stay in close contact with the agents to ensure the sale of your home is being given the highest possible priority.
    • If a buyer is found within the six week period, our team will take you through the formal reservation process and legal completion of the sale, leaving you free to enjoy your brand new PORT Home!
    • The Government-backed Help to Buy scheme which enables you to purchase a home for as little as a 5% deposit, is also available in conjunction with our Assisted Move Scheme.

    *You must agree to allow reasonable access to your property for viewings and for survey purposes and to co-operate fully with the estate agents and their endeavours to market and sell your home.

    **If your home is not sold within the initial six week period, we reserve the right to re-market your selected plot. However, we will discuss matters in detail to try to help you secure a new Port Home.


    2 Years Port Homes Warranty

    10 Years Warranty


    The standards of homebuilding in the UK have never been higher, with forever-advancing technologies and techniques ensuring your new PORT Home’s home is built to stand the test of time and with it, lifelong luxury. Moreover, you are able to relax in the knowledge that your home is covered by a 2-year Port Homes warranty, as well as a ten-year warranty.

    For more information on the Warranties we offer contact us below.

    Why Buy New?

    Advantages Of Buying New

    The standard of home building in the UK has never been higher than it is today so there are many reasons why buying new makes sense. Click the buttons to the right to find out more!


    Everything’s New!

    A perfect blank canvas for you to stamp your own style onto from day one with no unwanted touches from previous owners. Subject to the stage of construction, we can offer you a bespoke service that allows you to choose fixtures and fittings, or a higher specification from our options range at an additional cost.


    New fixtures means fewer worries.

    Generally, new homes are built to a much higher specification due to modern materials and improved building regulation standards. All materials found in your new home are brand new so you won’t have to worry about any appliance for years!


    Our warranty offers peace of mind.

    With a 10 year warranty and our own 2 year customer service guarantee and means you have time to spend on what you want to do, rather than what ‘needs’ to be done.


    You’ll save on running costs.

    Research published by the Zero Carbon Hub showed new build homes are 57% cheaper to run that older homes of similar size.


    Less chain means less hassle.

    You can move into your new home as soon as it is complete.


    Be part of a new community.

    Be part of a new community and discover your new surroundings with your new neighbours.


    Take advantage of what you can get!

    The government’s Help to Buy scheme could help you afford much more than you thought. If your buying new, you may only need a 5% deposit! Click here to learn more.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Find out more information about how our buying process works by clicking on the buttons opposite.

    Click the buttons opposite to find out more about some of the questions we are asked most often about our developments and the buying process – if you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us today and a member of our friendly team will be able to help.

    Our Contact Details

    E: sales@porthomes.co.uk
    T: 01429 806554

    General FAQ


    Who owns and maintains the roads / open space / play areas on a Port Homes development?

    During the construction phase of a site Port Homes is responsible for public areas within the boundary of a site. Upon completion of a development, in most cases these area’s are adopted by the relevant local authority and highways department. For more information regarding a particular development, please contact the on site sales department.


    Who should I contact about selling land to Port Homes?

    Port Homes has a dedicated team working to acquire more land throughout the UK and welcome anyone who would wish to discuss the sale of their land. Please fill out our contact form on our website or alternatively email sales@porthomes.co.uk and a member of our team will be in touch.


    Sales & Consumer Relations


    Do Port Homes offer assisted purchase schemes or special offers for first time buyers?

    Port Homes do offer an Assisted Move Scheme where we will assist you in the sale of your existing home and pay your advertising and estate agency costs. We also offer a range of incentives which we can tailor to your individual needs. Please ask our Sales Advisor for further information.


    How do I make a complaint about Port Homes?

    We are sorry to hear that you wish to make a complaint. Please leave a message on at sales@porthomes.co.uk or alternatively, contact your nearest sales office and a member of our team will be happy to help.


    Is there a helpline for problems such as gas or water leaks?

    Yes the water stop cock, is usually situated under your kitchen sink. Please ensure that should a leak arise, that the water to your home is turned off as soon as possible. The Gas isolation tap is situated in the meter box on the outside of your new home. Please ensure that these items are switched off prior to ringing our team on 01429 290430 where assistance will be arranged.


    Suppliers and Subcontractors


    Can my company become a supplier to Port Homes?

    If you would like to be considered as a potential future supplier to PORT Homes, please send an enquiry to sales@porthomes.co.uk.


    How can my company apply for subcontractor work on a Port Homes development?

    In order to discuss working as a potential future subcontractor to Port Homes you will need to send an initial enquiry to sales@porthomes.co.uk and a member of our team will be in contact.

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