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Introducing Deposit Assist
from Port Homes

Did you know that your friends and family can contribute to the deposit for your brand new Port home? If they do, we will say thanks to you both.

It can be a huge challenge pulling together a deposit for your first home, but if your friends or family are in a position to help you get onto the property ladder, we’ll show them your appreciation.

Introducing Deposit Assist from Port Homes.

When your friends or relatives contribute a minimum of 5% towards your deposit for your new home, we’ll give them £1,500.

The process is simple, as soon as you complete on your new home, we’ll transfer them the money. It doesn’t stop there though, we will also give you £500 cashback towards moving costs or furnishing your new home.

Making use of our Deposit Assist scheme isn’t the only reason to buy a brand new Port Home. Buying one of our new builds could save you money in the longer term thanks to our energy efficient designs.

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