Greener by Design - PORT Homes

Port homes are stylish, comfortable and in great locations, but they are also energy efficient too, which is perfect news for your energy bills and the planet!

We take steps during the design and build process to make sure our homes meet the latest standards providing our customers with comfortable homes that save money!

Saving You Money

With high energy costs there’s no better time to buy a home that is fitted with energy saving features as standard. According to the Home Builders Federation, on average energy bills for new homes are 55% cheaper. The monthly average energy bill for a new build property is £109, whereas the bill for an existing property is £245, which means you could save upto £1,627 per year. Data taken from HBF 2023 Watt Save report (

All of our homes have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of A or B, while according to HBF research, only 4% of existing properties reach this standard.

Green Mortgages

By buing a new energy efficient Port Home, you could take advantage of exclusing ‘Green mortgage’ products which could offer lower interest rates on properties that carry an EPC of at least a C. Good news, all of our properties have ratings of A-B so this type of mortgage may be ideal if you are looking to purchase a new build home.

Keeping you cosy

Unlike older homes, our homes come with high efficiency double glazing as standard, maximising natural light whilst minimising heat loss. Not only do they keep you cost, they reduce the amount of external noise that you’ll hear within your home. Additional roof and floor insulation are among other unseen features included with our homes that will help reduce the costs of keeping your home warm in the winter months, while also keeping you cool in the summer.

Reducing water usage

Our kitchens and bathrooms incorporate water saving measures, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be compromising on style or functionality. These features mean our homes use 20% less water than the UK average, with clear cost savings for our homeowners*. Our taps and showers use aerated technology to provide the feeling of a strong flow, whilst using less water. Plus, our dual low flush toilets use the minimum amount of water to ensure less waste.