Maintenance - PORT Homes


All appliances come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty. On the day of legal completion the registration cards for your appliances will be in your legal completion pack. Please can you ensure that you complete the warranty information and return the same to the manufacturer. We would ask that should an issue arise with your appliances that you contact the service engineers directly and make any necessary appointments.

Shrinkage / Silicone Seals

As your new home settles you may start to notice small cracks to areas such as the staircase, door architraves, skirting board mitres and wall/ceiling joins. This is just the natural drying out of your new home. As we will have discussed with you during your Home Demonstration, the more the home can be aired by opening windows and doors regularly, the less shrinkage should appear. Shrinkage is the homeowners responsibility and is not covered by our 2 year PORT Homes warranty, unless the same becomes excessive and a £1 coin fits into the cracks.

Silicone Seals to baths and shower trays require inspection when cleaning, as they may settle once regularly used. Should a gap appear between the bath or shower tray and the seal, please do not use until such time as the seal has been replaced/repaired. Once water leaks between the gap, this will then track and water mark ceilings. This issue is homeowner maintenance and is not unfortunately covered by our 2 year PORT Homes warranty.