Out of Hours / Emergencies - PORT Homes

Out of Hours Service

Within the first two years of occupation of your new home, should you encounter an emergency defect, outside of normal working hours, please call our 24 hour customer care number: 01207 503293

We class an emergency as a sudden and unforeseen incident that causes damage to the property rendering it uninhabitable, insecure or dangerous.

  • Failure of heating once boiler trouble shooting has been completed.
  • Water leaks that cannot be contained.
  • Complete failure of electrics (check first that the trip is not activating due to an appliance that is plugged in).
  • Flooding caused by blocked drains which threaten the property.
  • Gas leak – If you suspect a gas leak please contact National Gas Emergency 0800 111999
  • Loss of Gas, Water, Electricity – Please check first that this is not an area specific fault or that works are not ongoing in your area.

Please note that only genuine emergencies will be attended to outside of normal working hours. All other issues will be referred back to our in-house team to deal with once our office opens again.