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Warranty and insurance protection

Another reason to buy new with Port Homes.

Our homes come with a 10 year ICW policy, or equivalent warranty from another provider. This includes deposit protection form exchange of contracts, a two year Port Homes warranty from legal completion and 10 years of structural defects.

Backed by an ICW Structural Warranty, all of our homes are protected by a residential warranty from ICW. The residential warranty covers the cost of fixing any defects that may occur in any crucial structural elements; this can include the walls and foundations to the windows and roofing.

What is covered?

During the first two years, the warranty is provided by Port Homes to cover damage repair, removal of contaminated land and costs incurred asa consequence of work carried out on your home, such as alternative accommodation and storage expenses. From the date you pick up your keys, your home is also covered for structural defects via a 10 year ICW policy, which typically includes roods, chimneys, walls, stairs, ceilings, foundations, glazing and access.

For more details, visit ICW website.

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