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Why Buy New?

Advantages Of Buying New

The standard of home building in the UK has never been higher than it is today so there are many reasons why buying new makes sense. Click the buttons to the right to find out more!


Everything’s New!

A perfect blank canvas for you to stamp your own style onto from day one with no unwanted touches from previous owners. Subject to the stage of construction, we can offer you a bespoke service that allows you to choose fixtures and fittings, or a higher specification from our options range at an additional cost.


New fixtures means fewer worries.

Generally, new homes are built to a much higher specification due to modern materials and improved building regulation standards. All materials found in your new home are brand new so you won’t have to worry about any appliance for years!


Our warranty offers peace of mind.

With a 10 year warranty and our own 2 year customer service guarantee and means you have time to spend on what you want to do, rather than what ‘needs’ to be done.


You’ll save on running costs.

Research published by the Zero Carbon Hub showed new build homes are 57% cheaper to run that older homes of similar size.


Less chain means less hassle.

You can move into your new home as soon as it is complete.


Be part of a new community.

Be part of a new community and discover your new surroundings with your new neighbours.


Take advantage of what you can get!

The government’s Help to Buy scheme could help you afford much more than you thought. If your buying new, you may only need a 5% deposit! Click here to learn more.

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